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Three Tips to Improve Your Photography

I’d like to share three tips that helped me improve my photography.

1.  Read “The Big Leap.”

The first one is not about photography at all.  It is a book that really helped me discover the emotion behind my photography and why I wanted to photograph people.

This book helps you rediscover the childhood genius that you may have lost along the road to adulthood.  This can be an emotion or a feeling that you are good at portraying or helping others to portray.

Even though it is not about photography it is helpful in any craft that you are planning to take from a hobby to profession because it helps you get to the root of WHY you are doing what you want to do in the first place.  Then you can get better at your craft by implementing those feelings and emotions into your work.

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2Read Your Camera’s Manual.

This is very simple but so helpful.  If you read your camera’s manual you will improve your photography immensely.  If you do not know how to shoot in manual or where the settings on your camera are then this tip is a must.

Even if you have some photography experience but still struggle with aperture, ISO, and Shutter speed, reading the manual will help you perfect these settings and skills.

If your camera is used and did not come with the manual you can download it online.

Once you read your first camera manual you will not have to do this again.  You will be able to move on and operate any professional DSLR.

I cannot stress this tip enough.  Please for the love of all photographers: Read Your Camera’s Manual.

3.  Practice Makes Perfect.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Over the past ten years I have photographed thousands of flowers.  I love flowers and photographing flowers.  By photographing flowers I can photograph them in different lighting situations at different times of day and using different settings.  I can also compare my latest photographs to my previous photographs.

I recommend finding something your drawn to and you love and practicing your photography on that one thing so your constantly improving your skills.


Once you have discovered your true genius zone, read your camera’s manual, and have practiced over and over again, you will be on your way.  You will be able to pose clients and engage in customer service using your gifted feelings and emotions.  You will be able to switch the camera’s settings with no thought at all.  You will know how to manipulate the lighting available to you to improve your photos.

Have fun!