Signature Garden Sessions

Sweet Dreams Sitter Session Girl
Vintage, Romantic, and Dreamy

Garden Glamour

Signature Sessions

Fresh air is on it’s way.  Singing birds, green grass, colorful fragrant flowers, beautiful butterflies, and so much more!

Join us this Spring for our Signature Garden Glamour Sessions.  Lets get outdoors and celebrate the new life around us.

These are my favorite sessions because I love nature and natural light so much it makes my heart happy?

What makes your heart happy?  Have you always dreamed of a beautiful garden portrait session with your family or for your baby or child?

Well Now’s Your Chance! 

Baby Photography

Garden Glamour Sessions Start May 1st and run until September 30th 

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Garden Glamour Sessions are great for Maternity, Newborns, Babies, Children, Seniors, and families.  They are held in the evening two hours before sunset to ensure the best possible natural light for your portraits.  If you choose a Deluxe or Customized Session Collection we can head down to the beach for one of your scenes or choose a different garden as there are several there.

Garden Glamour Sessions are for Immediate Family Members.  For more information on group portraits feel free to contact me.  Contact

Sweet Dreams Sitter Session Girl

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Garden Glamour School Portraits

Garden Glamour Sessions are also great for High School Seniors and School Portraits.

Butterfly Wishes and Flowered Dreams

Finally Winter is through and it’s time for me and you to pull some weeds and plant some seeds.

We’ll plant a garden showered with love.  Rain, rain come from above.

As the moonlight beams pink roses are in my flowered dreams.

When sunshine is here make a wish as butterflies fly near.

After we toil in the soil, each tiny seed blooms with beauty indeed.

We soon smell the roses oh so sweet as we hear the birds sing and tweet.

Our flowered dreams and butterfly wishes have come true.

We now have a pink rose garden for me and you.