I love photographing newborns!  Holding a new tiny precious baby in my arms is so inspiring.  Newborns are already born with their own little personalities.  They are all so different.  They are ready to meet the world, learn new things, and take on new experiences.   Our energy makes a huge impact on how a newborn will grow and change.

I have photographed over 400 babies in the last eight years, from their first breath out of the womb to 24 months old.  I have been called the Baby Whisperer and Anne Geddes for my expertise in wrapping babies and getting them to sleep and making them happy.  Babies who are known for crying and fussing fall asleep quickly for me.  Last Summer one little preschooler said to her mom “my baby brother really likes her.”  One grandfather even called me a baby origamist for wrapping his granddaughter so perfectly.

Did you know newborns feel safe and comfortable being wrapped even as old as three months?  One mother said her baby cries every day at the same time.  I was there at that time and wrapped him up nice and cozy and he went to sleep.

I can’t wait to meet your new little bundle of joy, photograph this special moment in time capturing their unique personality and features, and feel free to ask me how to wrap your little one.

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