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Guess What?! I’m starting a Magazine! I’m super excited as this has always been my dream. I have always been fascinated and captivated by magazines. There is something magical about getting lost in the new pages, marveling at all of the colorful photographs, connecting to the personal stories, and planning my future dreams.

I once read somewhere that if you can’t find the book you want to read, then write it. (I believe its a quote from Toni Morrison author of The Bluest Eye). Well why not a magazine? Most magazines are geared towards a specific genre, a specific financial status, and a specific audience. I dream of a magazine for all creative niches, people of all financial backgrounds, and an audience from all walks of life.

Over the past few years I’ve had this strong desire to publish my own magazine, a magazine for and by real people about real art and creativity. I was especially inspired during Quarantine last Spring when I was photographing families on their front porches. Hearing all of their stories and how they were handling the pandemic, overcoming obstacles, and getting closer to family and friends in unique ways really made the calling to start this magazine real to me.

Later during quarantine I was asked to photograph food for Doordash. People were heavily relying on food delivery services so I felt like in my own little way I was contributing. During this time I photographed almost 100 restaurants. I met so many amazing people who had such incredible stories and extremely positive outlooks on life regardless of the circumstances surrounding them. A few weeks after my return to my small hometown in Connecticut I knew I had to start my magazine as soon as possible.

If you would like to contribute an article, story, work of art, poem, tips and tricks post, recipe, advice column, or motivational message please send your submission for review to

Sections/Topics to be considered

Community Connections

Sweet and Savory

Small Business Spotlight

Travel Tales

Artistic Endeavors

Garden Glamour

Fantastic Farmers

Love and Laughs

The Poetry of Parenting

Healthy Healing

Mindful Motivation

Sweet Stories

Day Dreamer

Seasons/Themes/Submission Deadlines:

Summer – Finding Freedom, April 30th

Fall – Embracing Change, June 30th

Winter – Moving Forward, August 31st.

Style: Whimsical, natural, organic, earthy, pastels, fun, emotional, enchanting, vintage, charming, romantic, dreamy.

Policies/Core Values: Sweet Dreams Diary is written to enhance creativity and encourage artistic endeavors. This is a Non Biased, Non Political, Culturally Diverse, Ethically Appropriate, Family Friendly publication with Clean Language, Positive Energy, Encouraging Messages, and Uplifting Material. This is a Safe Space free from controversial discussions. A Simply Sweet Space where you can join me in getting lost in the new pages, marveling at all of the photographs, connecting to the personal stories, and planning your future dreams. An space where we can enjoy life and share in creating something magical together.

Business contributions and advertisements are welcome as well.

At this time The Daydreamer is accepting voluntary submissions.